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We are your authorised Compass Pools swimming pool builder for the Greater South Sydney region. We are building new fibreglass swimming pools in Cronulla NSW and the surrounding areas including Bundeena, Greenhills Beach, Kurnell, Varingbah, Miranda, Taren Point, Sylvania, Jannali, Sutherland, Kirrawee, Woronora, Loftus, Yarrawarrah, Barden Ridge or Menai.
Browse our swimming pools and select from eight different fibreglass pool shapes. Decide on a family pool or go for a lap pool. Talk to us about building a perfect swimming pool or a pool & spa combo in your Cronulla backyard.
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Are you dreaming of a new swimming pool but are worried about the time and money required to maintain it? If you opt-in for the Vantage self-cleaning system, your new Cronulla swimming pool will clean itself. Browse other pool features, too!
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Choosing the right colour for your new Cronulla swimming pool is extremely important as the whole effect of your backyard and pool landscaping will depend on it. We offer a choice of advance 3D Bi-luminite colours and great looking Vivid pool colours.
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We are your proud authorised Compass fibreglass pool builder, servicing the greater Sydney South region including Cronulla and the neighbouring suburbs. Browse Compass swimming pools to choose the one that matches your lifestyle, preferences, and backyard. We’ll be happy to guide you through the pool selection process to help you select the best pool for your family, along with its features and accessories. Transform your Cronulla backyard with a new swimming pool from us!

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Why are Compass pools so popular in Cronulla?

If you are looking at Cronulla swimming pools, do not look any further. Compass Pools are so special that you won’t want any other swimming pool after exploring their breathtaking and innovative features.

Let’s start with the Bi-Luminite surface which creates a depth that makes the pool shine in the sunlight!

The ceramic composite technology means that a Compass Pool is a stronger and safer investment. Thanks to the core, you won’t need to worry about the cracks in your Cronulla swimming pool. This is topped by the lifetime structural warranty for all Bi-luminite Compass pools.

Lastly, thanks to the Vantage self-cleaning system, all you need to do is clean the filter once per week or two. Your new Cronulla swimming pool will be always sparkling clean, ready for you to dip in. Enjoy all the benefits of pool ownership without the stress from pool maintenance.

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The Rising Popularity of Fibreglass Pools in Cronulla NSW Backyards

The popularity of fibreglass pools installed in backyards in Cronulla, NSW, has been on the rise in recent years. The durable and low-maintenance nature of fibreglass pools, combined with their attractive design options and ease of installation, have made them a popular choice for homeowners in the area. Fibreglass pools are resistant to cracks, fading, and staining, making them an ideal choice for those who want a pool that will last for many years with minimal maintenance. Additionally, fibreglass pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy for homeowners to find a pool that fits their specific backyard space and needs. The sleek and modern look of fibreglass pools also makes them a popular choice for those who want a pool that complements their outdoor living area and enhances the overall appearance of their home. With the increasing popularity of fibreglass pools in Cronulla, many homeowners are discovering that these pools offer an attractive, low-maintenance, and durable option for enhancing their outdoor living spaces.

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Why So Many Cronulla Home Owners Opt In for Backyard Pools

The climate in Cronulla, New South Wales, is ideal for having a backyard pool installed. With warm summers and mild winters, Cronulla residents are able to enjoy their pools for much of the year. The warm temperatures allow for comfortable swimming and outdoor activities, making a backyard pool an attractive option for families and individuals who want to enhance their outdoor living spaces. The moderate climate also helps to minimise maintenance requirements, as the pool is less likely to experience weather-related damage or extreme fluctuations in temperature. Additionally, the high levels of sunlight in Cronulla provide a warm and inviting environment for outdoor activities, making a backyard pool a great place to relax, swim, and entertain guests. Overall, the warm and sunny climate in Cronulla makes it an ideal location for homeowners who want to enhance their outdoor living spaces with a pool.

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Charlie & Justin Magro started Local Pools & Spas in Smeaton Grange in 1998. Together with over 42 years of combined experience in the swimming pool industry from manufacturing to supply and installation of fibreglass swimming pools, they have forged a strong and loyal customer base in the South Sydney suburbs around Narellan.

Charlie retired in 2002, and Renee Magro then came on board bringing her skills and experience to the Local Pools & Spas team.

Today, Local Pools & Spas are the top-rated Sydney fibreglass pool builder, loved by their customers. If you are looking for a Cronulla swimming pool, we’re ready to build it for you.

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