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We’re here to help you fulfill a dream of your very own personal oasis right in your backyard. Local Pools & Spas is very conscious of the impact the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on Australians and how it affects our wellbeing and lifestyle. Because of that, we introduced virtual site inspections to help you move closer towards your dream pool project, without having to worry about the safety of your family.

Building quality Compass fibreglass swimming pools

Why Local Pools & Spas?

Since our inception in 1998, Local Pools & Spas has been building quality fibreglass swimming pools, gone from strength to strength to solidify its reputation as one of the best pool builders in the greater Sydney region. We believe in quality and value and will not sell products to our customers that we do not have faith in. Contact us today to discuss how we can build a perfect swimming pool and thus, fulfill your backyard dream. Select from eight different shapes of fibreglass pools in our portfolio.

Family Owned And Operated

42 Years of Combined Experience

Pool Company Established in 1998

Most Awarded Fiberglass Pool Builder

Local Pools ans Spas Swimming Pool Awards

The Story of the Most Awarded NSW Pool Builder

Charlie & Justin Magro started Local Pools & Spas in Smeaton Grange in 1998. Together with over 42 years combined experience in the swimming pool industry from manufacturing to supply and installation of fibreglass swimming pools they have forged a strong and loyal customer base in the South Sydney suburbs around Narellan. Charlie retired in 2002, and Renee Magro then came on board bringing her skills and experience to the Local Pools & Spas team. Visit our display centre today to view our fibreglass swimming pools and explore your pool options with our experienced staff. They are happy to explain all the benefits of owning a self-cleaning fibreglass pool to you and guide you through the entire pool project. Discover why Local Pools & Spas continues to win awards and the hearts of its customers and become of one the happy pool owners.

Celebrating 20 years of building quality fibreglass swimming pools

Our Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Local Pools and Spas Sydney X-Trainer Fibreglass Pool


Traditionally athletes ran or swam countless laps to maintain fitness. Today, new scientific training methods combine a variety of exercises into one fitness program. The X-Trainer swimming ...
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Local Pools and Spas Sydney Vogue Fibreglass Pool


Vogue represents the pinnacle in contemporary pool design, making it the perfect centrepiece for your landscaped entertaining area. Its modern shape is enhanced by the symmetry of ...
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Local Pools and Spas Sydney Fastlane Fibreglass Pool


With an urban lifestyle, this fibreglass swimming pool is ideally suited for narrow blocks and serious swimmers. And with our unique technology, we are able to build ...
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Local Pools and Spas Sydney Riviera Fibreglass Pool


Looking for the perfect family pool? Look no further: The Riviera fibreglass swimming pool is ideal for a family that loves both swimming and entertainment, with entry ...
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Local Pools and Spas Fibreglass Pool Shapes Plunge Pool


Our latest innovation in contemporary pool design. With a relaxing bench at one end and extra deep at the other, these in ground swimming pools are perfect for cooling ...
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Local Pools and Spas Sydney Fibreglass Spas


Our Compass range of spas accommodates a variety of landscapes and purposes. Since the beginning of time, people have discovered the many benefits of relaxing in warm ...
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Local Pools and Spas Sydney Contemporary Fibreglass Pool


There's a Contemporary to suit every backyard. Deep in the centre and shallow at both ends - these contemporary fibreglass swimming pools are perfect for family entertainment ...
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Local Pools and Spas Sydney Courtyard Fibreglass Pool


Compact and personal, designed specifically for smaller areas and townhouse situations. With special inclusions such as spa jets, swim jets, water features and mood lighting, these Courtyard ...
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Pool Brands

Self-Cleaning Fibreglass Pools

For everyone, pools are a great source of fun; they are wonderfully relaxing and perfect for low impact healthy exercise. And for some, cleaning the swimming pool is part of the fun. For everyone else, the Compass Vantage pool cleans itself. Go for the smart pool and enjoy the pool without the need of everyday maintenance.

The Vantage in-floor cleaning system is a unique water circulation system that transforms your traditional fibreglass pool to a smart pool. It has been designed to reduce chemical usage, eliminate cold spots and keep your fibreglass swimming pool clean of debris without the need for regular hand vacuuming or any other cleaning equipment.

Advice for Future Pool Owners

Local Pools and Spas Sydney Pool design and landscaping ideas

Top Pool Design and Landscaping Ideas

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Once you’re done choosing from the pool designs presented to you and the right material, you can move on to studying pool landscaping designs. Pool landscaping includes various elements: the foliage to be planted including grasses, shrubs and trees, water features, fencing, lighting, stones, sculptures, fire pits, etc.

Local Pools Spas Solar pool heating system selection

6 Things You Need to Know About Solar Pool Heating

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If you’re thinking of getting a solar pool heating system installed for your swimming pool, you’ll be glad to know that it’s one of the most popular swimming pool heating systems among Australians. However, prior to embarking on this project, you need to have all the essential information about solar…

Benefits of small pools

Small Pools: How to Find the Best Pool for a Small Space

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Having less backyard space does not necessarily imply you can’t have a pool anymore. And it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice style and quality, as well. Like other Australian homeowners, you can hold on to your dream of having your own swimming pool – just a scaled-down version of it.


Happy Swimming Pool Owners Say

"We have received many comments on how good the pool looks and our friends and family are impressed with how quickly the whole process took. We would have no hesitation in recommending Local Pools and Spas to any of our friends and family because of the outstanding workmanship quality and the excellent end result."

− Damian and Linda Anshaw

"We would also like to thank you as we have won many bets from our friends and neighbours on the finishing time of our pool — 2 weeks. No one would believe that we would be swimming in our pool for Christmas and thanks to your team and the weather this came true. We are now happily spending most days around our pool enjoying the benefits with our children/fami ly and friends who think it’s ‘way cool’."

− William and Sharon Barnett

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