Why install a pool water feature?

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Your backyard swimming pool is the ideal place to exercise, relax and have fun. But adding a water feature could make your pool even more enjoyable, as well as adding to its design appeal and potentially increasing your property’s value.

So, what is so special about pool water features? We have taken a look at the most popular water feature design ideas in Australia, to discover the unique and varied benefits they bring to swimming pool owners, and explain why water features are so hard to resist.

Popular water feature design choices

The choice of water feature designs is basically endless. Whether it’s a plunge pool, family pool or a lap pool, whatever your imagination can design, someone will be able to build for you, enabling you to create completely original features which truly make your pool one of a kind.

However, most water features tend to fall into a few popular categories:

1. Water walls

A wall water feature is basically the ultimate in luxury. It is a modern, sleek design which coordinates well with contemporary pool shapes and home designs, so it adds an extra touch of style to your pool area.

The wall structure is constructed at one side of your pool, usually from either timber or steel and concrete, then tiled over to give it an appearance which is more in keeping with your pool area. This wall structure contains a water blade, and when water passes through the blade, the water gets pushed out through the wall back into the pool, creating a beautiful visual display.

Water feature wall ideas range hugely in style and design, so it is an excellent way to add a custom touch to your pool.

Local Pools and Spas Pool with 3 water wall water features

2. Waterfalls

If you like the idea of a water wall feature but want something that looks and feels more natural, a pool waterfall feature is a good choice. It is designed to look like a naturally-occurring waterfall, with water tumbling over rocks and boulders to cascade back into the pool.

This design tends to work best with more traditional properties, and pools which are curved in shape. It offers the ultimate in escapism, instantly transporting you to the rainforest and making you feel totally at one with nature as you swim.

3. Fountains

Fountains are a truly classic water feature design. They can be as big or small, as understated or opulent as you choose, and they are ideal for kids and adults to play in, as the water is pushed up from the pool itself before falling back down into the pool again.

Whatever the style of your property and your pool, you can find a fountain to suit it, from classy contemporary jets through to ornate sculptures.

4. Deck jets

Deck jets make your entire pool area more usable and much more fun. The jets are built into the ground at intervals around the poolside, so the water shoots in arcs back into the pool. This enables you to create some fascinating visual effects, especially when you add lighting.

Deck jets are the perfect way to cool down during the hot summer months, and also provide hours of fun for kids and adults alike, running and playing in the water.

5. Scuppers

Scuppers are a subtle way to add more interest to your pool design. They are attached to a wall or pedestal in close proximity to your pool, so the water can cascade from the scuppers back down into the pool.

The really interesting thing about scuppers is the variety of styles and designs available, which dictate the shape that the water falls in. Some make the water pour like a chute back into the pool, while others give you a straight sheet of water, with many other options also available. They are mesmerising to watch, and provide an essential element of visual interest for your pool.

6. Sunpods

Sunpods are available exclusively with fibreglass pools from Compass Pools Australia, as they were designed by this leading pool manufacturer. The Sunpod is a classy and subtle water feature which adds just enough visual appeal without being overpowering or interfering with the functionality of your pool.

A Sunpod is essentially a series of bubblers in an attractive surround, which make the water gurgle upwards in a gentle and relaxing way. They look extremely eye-catching at the poolside or as a design feature to separate your pool from your spa. If you want them to look like an integrated part of your pool, they can be tiled to match, building a wonderful pool & spa combo. Alternatively, you can make your Sunpod stand out by choosing contrasting tiling to make it a real feature of your landscaping design.

Local Pools and Spas Compass swimming pool with a Sunpod bubbler

How and when are water features installed?

Many pool owners choose to have a water feature installed at the same time as their pool. This method has its advantages, as it enables the water feature to be integrated into the pool design, ensuring its smooth operation. This is because water features work via a network of concealed pipework, through which water is pumped from the pool, before moving through the water feature and falling back into the pool again in a constant cyclical process. If this pipework can be installed at the same time as the plumbing for the pool, it can make things easier.

However, if you already have a pool, it is still possible to add a water feature at a later date, as a skilled and experienced pool builder will be able to put the necessary pipework in place retrospectively.

If you are buying a pool but are not yet sure whether or not you want a water feature, you can easily keep your options open for the future. If you tell your pool builder that there is a chance you will want a feature at some point further down the line, they can put the infrastructure in place so the pipework is all ready for a water feature to be installed when and if you choose. This will make adding a water feature to your pool much easier in the future.

Is a pool water feature worth it?

Buying a pool involves a lot of expense, and it is true that a water feature will add to this. While they vary hugely in price, the average water feature will add between $2,000 and $8,000 to the cost of your pool. However, this expense does bring you a lot of benefits, as it makes your pool more appealing in a wide variety of ways.

Firstly, a pool with water feature simply looks more attractive than one without. This makes you enjoy the time you spend in and around your pool even more. It can also add value to your home, as the more visually appealing your property is, including the pool, the more potential buyers it will attract, enabling you to demand a higher price.

Whether it’s a small pool, medium or a large pool, a water feature can also increase the health and wellbeing benefits of your pool. The sound and sight of moving water are extremely relaxing, enabling you to forget about the pressures of life and making it easier for you to unwind and de-stress in the pool. This is highly beneficial for your physical and mental health, improving your quality of life and making you enjoy the time you spend in your pool even more.

Thirdly, adding a pool water feature ensures that you will get maximum usage from your pool. When you first have a pool built, it is a novelty, so everyone wants to use it as much as possible. However, over time, the pool can be taken for granted, so people use it less often, meaning you are not getting the most from your investment.

A water feature provides a constant reminder of the pool, as the water is continually moving, so you can see and hear it, making you want to swim. This also has health benefits, as swimming is an extremely good form of exercise, and it encourages you to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the company of those you love in a fun and relaxing setting.

Local Pools and Spas Swimming pool with sunpod water feature

Are you thinking of having a pool water feature installed?

If you already have a pool or are thinking of purchasing one, and you are interested in finding out more about the various water feature design options on offer, please get in touch with us. Our friendly, knowledgeable team here at Local Pools & Spas are always happy to discuss your needs and help you to select the right water feature for your pool and your needs.

If you are interested in having a Sunpod installed, we can help you there, too. Local Pools & Spas is a licensed Compass Pools dealer serving the South Sydney suburbs around Narellan, so we stock the full range of Compass fibreglass pools along with all features exclusive to Compass Pools Australia.

Please contact us if you would like more information about any of the water features discussed in this article, or to take your next step towards owning a beautiful pool with water feature, creating a spectacular centrepiece which will transform the appearance of your backyard.

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