Swimming pool landscaping ideas to boost your property’s value

Clever Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas

There’s no doubt the Australian climate lends itself to having your own private swimming pool in the backyard. It acts as the focus for entertaining, relaxation and fun times with family and friends, as well as a great place to teach children how to swim in a safe environment. However, just as importantly, a well-thought-through pool landscaping project can boost the value of your property.

Indeed, a private swimming pool is one of the most desired factors that buyers and renters look for when shopping for a house, according to research conducted by property information site realestate.com.au. The 2014 study of renters and buyers found the word “pool” to be the most popular search term used by potential buyers and renters. This showed that people were more interested in owning a backyard pool than other factors such as an extra room. This was particularly true in the warmer regions of Australia such as Far North Queensland and Western Australia, where a private swimming pool is more of an essential for living than a luxury item!

With pools being such a desirable feature, well-planned pool landscaping will enhance your property’s value. So, how best to get started on those landscaping ideas? Here are a few pointers to help you avoid the traps and costs of a poorly-thought-through design.

Plan wisely

As with any major project, planning is vital for success. It is recommended that you discuss the needs of your family for an outdoor pool area, ask them what they require and then tailor the space available for the pool and the budget to suit these requirements. For example, will you or your children be entertaining large groups of people? Will you need a relaxing space near the pool area? What about barbecue facilities? Working from the room that is available will give you an idea of what can and can’t be achieved, and this will determine the size of the pool and facilities.

Correct planning also means taking into account the cost of safety features such as non-slip pavers and the required fencing. All outdoor pool areas should adhere to the safety regulations contained in the Australian Standard 1926 (AS 1926). More information on these standards can be found online or at your local council.

Planning for safety also means designing the area so young children can be supervised easily while they are in the pool. This means no obscuring plants or shrubs near the swimming pool and keeping potential climbing items such as tables and chairs well away from the pool’s fence.

A realistic budget

Having worked out a “wishlist” for the pool landscaping, it’s then important to work within a realistic budget. Not all of the requirements for the pool landscaping outlined by you and your family in the original ideas discussion may be achievable. You can order them in priority so the main wishes are fulfilled. First work out the budget, then work out the pool design from it and decide which of the options you can afford. Make sure your budget plan is detailed and takes into account all the extras you will need for your pool landscaping.

Getting the style right

In order to complement the structure, the right style should match the type of house that you have. For example, traditional pool landscaping (such as rockeries and wooden furniture) may suit an older, more classical design. Conversely, more updated pool design ideas such as the clean lines of glass fences and dark stone may suit a more modern architectural look. Choosing the correct pool design that complements the house and other parts of the garden also includes selecting the right pool size and shape, and matching colours of the surrounds. Again, the available space will play an important part of these choices.

Don’t forget the lighting to enhance the style you choose! The right lighting for the pool area will not only enhance the style but also provide an entertainment area for use in the evening.

Be bold

While searching for ideas may include everything from talking to your pool designer to research online — including social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Google Images — don’t be frightened of experimenting with your choice. Use these resources as a beginning. Then work your own unique design around your needs, budget and the space available. For example, there are many different shapes for the pool from which to choose, with a range of non-slip pavers to match these ideas. You can be inventive as to the shape and character you want and mould this into the space that is available.

Try and create your own unique design. One example would be to give the pool landscaping a number of zones where activities take place. If space permits, create a private small garden area, near but away from the pool where people can go to read, sit, think or meditate. Maybe a children’s play area would suit the pool design with a variety of play equipment? Or perhaps an extended entertainment area with added attractions for guests such as pizza ovens, slow cookers and TV reception?

Talk to your pool designer to see what can be achieved within your budget. Remember that the pool design and surrounding area will be the dominant space within the backyard once completed, so make sure it will stand the test of time.

Have adequate shelter

Having varying weather conditions in Australia means that it is vital to include adequate shelter in the swimming pool landscaping plans. Your family and friends, particularly children, will require excellent shade shelter from the hot sun as they enjoy the facilities. However, it will also be necessary for the shelter to be waterproof and strong enough to survive winds so people can enjoy the facilities even when bad weather spoils the party.

Making your pool the focus of your outdoor play and entertainment will also make it the centrepiece of your backyard. Done correctly, the pool landscaping will add great value to your property and make you the envy of your neighbourhood.

Interested in hearing more about using your swimming pool landscaping to boost your property value and be the focus of your backyard entertainment? Talk to us about your ideas and we’ll help you design and implement the right swimming pool landscaping to suit your needs.

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