Pool planning: Don’t forget the time factor!

Local Pools and Spas 5 Important pool planning considerations

There are many factors you will need to take into account when planning your pool project. From the type of material you will use for the pool, to how it will fit in with your pool landscaping, to employing the right contractors to do the job as well as selecting the right time of year to start your project – there’s a lot to think of with pool planning.

However, one of the most important factors is working out how long it will take to complete: the all-important time factor! When our customers enquire about a set time for the pool construction and ask us when it will be completed and ready for use, we always do our best to offer an accurate time frame. Having years of experience installing different types of pools, our team has a pretty good idea of how long it will take, depending on a variety of factors.

5 Crucial pool planning considerations

To help you gain a clearer picture of time frame so you can better plan for your pool landscaping project, here’s a look at 5 potential factors that may affect your pool’s construction and installation time.

1. Timing revolves around your holistic landscaping plan

Timing will depend somewhat on how you have planned for other related landscaping features, such as a backyard stone pathway or the building of a new deck. Your overall plan may include the extensive upgrading of the backyard pool area. The construction of the pool will need to fit in with these factors.

You may need to ask whether other landscaping will need to be completed before installing the pool or vice versa. Important considerations such as factoring in the pool fencing may need to be thought through first before installing the pool.

To help your project, either work with a landscaping design professional or discuss your timeline with the various tradespeople you may be working with to ensure all work is completed in the most efficient order possible. Time spent on the pool planning process will save money (and perhaps problems) later in the pool building process.

2. Concrete or fibreglass pool?

The decision between concrete or fibreglass pool will make a big difference to the time taken before the completion of the construction of the pool. You can expect to wait for a couple of months for a concrete pool to be finished and ready for use, depending on the size and shape. This contrasts with the far shorter time — usually only a matter of days — for the pre-moulded fibreglass pool, which is already manufactured and will only require installation at your site.

3. The time of year you install a pool

The time of year you choose to build a pool area will also influence how long it takes before it is available for use. The demand for pools is usually higher in the warmer months. This means, pool builders are in greater demand in spring and summer and may not be available at the time you wish to install a pool.

If you want your pool landscaping process to be done as quickly as possible, plan ahead in the cooler months. Contact your pool installer early on to book their services before the busy season begins. You may not be able to have your pool installed in the winter, but depending on your climate, it may be possible to start the process months before the heat of summer, which means even with a concrete pool installation, you’ll be cooling off in your beautiful new pool when the weather heats up.

4. Council approval

How long it ultimately takes to build a pool is also heavily influenced by the efficiency of the local council approval process. Every pool project must be approved by the council. Approval usually takes anywhere from four to six weeks — depending on your council.

The application process can be undertaken by your pool builder, so contact them early on to get your approval process started. Also, you can enquire with your council at the pool planning stage to get an idea of the time taken for approval.

5. Organising tradespeople

A key part of the pool planning is the coordination of all contractors involved in the pool building. This will include electricians, fencers, concrete layers, tilers as well as pool installers. Juggling the times that each are available may influence the time it takes to build a pool area. Again, careful planning will help you avoid long delays waiting for contractors to become available.

Also, working closely with your pool builder will help you save time and money as they may be able to suggest contractors they trust and have previously worked with successfully. A quality pool builder will suggest good fellow contractors, those whose work will be efficient and of a high-quality.

How long does it take to build a pool?

There is no single answer to this question. Ultimately, the earlier you get started, the more leeway you’ll have to deal with issues that may slow your project down, such as trouble booking contractors or waiting for a long council approval for your pool plan.

Start with a solid plan and consult with your pool builder and other landscaping professionals to make sure your timeline will be able to unfold as planned. Decide what type of pool you want, as well as what additional features you want to include in the pool landscaping. Have this figured out at the beginning, as every choice you make will impact the timing of the project. With a clear idea of timing, and flexible expectations, you’re ready to experience a positive pool installation process and to start enjoying your pool soon.

We’ll help you with pool planning

Interested in finding out more about the length of time it will take to build your pool? Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for more information. Our friendly, service-orientated team will help answer your questions and can work with you to find landscaping solutions that will save you time and money.

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    There are number of design factors which one must consider while constructing a swimming pool, some of these include:
    Yard Dynamics: It is extremely important to consider the dynamics of the yard, as it helps you in determining the shape and design for the pool
    Surface Finishes: Make sure that you pick the surface finishes based on factors such as hygiene, safety ease of maintenance and visual appearance. Safety: It is essential that certain safety codes and regulation are kept under consideration while designing of the pool.

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