Future pools: The rise of the smart pool

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Does your pool technology seem a little out of date? Are you still spending endless hours cleaning and maintaining your pool? It’s time to bring your pool into the 21st century with the latest smart technology.

Here are some of the best smart pool solutions, and how they can transform your life as a pool owner.

What is a smart pool?

Just like a smart home, a smart pool has a variety of technological solutions installed which enable your pool to take care of many elements of its own maintenance, so you don’t have to. These technologies are all controlled from one central management system which is operated via your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

This offers you the ultimate convenience, providing you with an intelligent pool which can control its own lighting, heating and chlorine levels, and even clean itself! Even better, it does all of this without requiring any pre-programming or manual effort on your part. Everything can be managed from wherever you are via a smartphone or other mobile device, so your pool can perform all its maintenance tasks at convenient times and be ready to use whenever you feel like getting in the water.

How does a smart pool system work?

Smart pool systems are operated from a central pool management system. This can come in the form of an app, an online control panel or a software package which you can download. The pool management system enables you to manage all the functions of your pool from one screen.

When choosing a smart pool system, it is advisable to select one from a leading manufacturer of smart pools. By choosing a reputable brand, you can have peace of mind that you will have a reliable system with all the latest features and up-to-date systems.

A good smart pool system will be compatible with both iOS and Android, and have apps for both, so that if you decide to change your phone or computer, you will still be able to manage your pool seamlessly. It should also offer regular, free updates to keep the system up-to-date and free of bugs, so your pool can keep functioning perfectly at all times.

In addition, the best pool management systems can be synced with smart home systems such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, enabling you to control all the smart elements of your pool and home from one convenient place.

Do you need to buy a new pool for it to be smart?

Local Pools Control your smart pool with your mobile phone

There is no doubt that future pools will all be supplied with this technology, and even now, new pools are becoming smarter all the time. But if you have an older pool and are still maintaining it by hand, you can still install smart technology to make your pool less time-consuming and more fun.

Most experienced pool builders will be able to help you replace your outdated systems with smart solutions, so you no longer have to spend hours of your precious time cleaning and maintaining your pool.

Even better, the price of this clever pool technology is now lower than it has been in the past, because as smart pools become more popular, the technology becomes more widely available and more affordable.

Elements of your pool which can be automated

There are now many elements of your pool which you can automate via smart technology, saving you time and even money. These include:

1. Your pump

Pool pumps are necessary for keeping the water circulating, so the pool chemicals can reach every part of the water. This keeps your pool healthy and safe by preventing the spread of bacteria and algae.

However, pool pumps are notoriously expensive to run, using large amounts of energy. Many pool owners do not leave their pumps running for long enough to allow the water to circulate completely, as they want to reduce the amounts of energy they use.

Smart pool pumps are installed with all the latest technology, so they use far less energy, in some cases reducing the energy consumption of your pool by over 80 percent. These savings mean you can leave your pool pump on all the time, allowing the water to circulate properly so your pool is clean and healthy.

2. Your salt chlorinator

An important part of pool maintenance is checking that the water contains the right levels of chlorine to maintain a healthy pH balance. This can be a difficult and time-consuming job, and it is one which needs to be done regularly.

A smart salt chlorinator is the ideal solution, as it does it all for you, always adding the right amount of chlorine to keep the water clean and ensure the right pH balance is maintained, so your pool is a healthy environment at all times.

3. Pool cleaning

A self-cleaning pool is a huge asset to have. Pool cleaning is a horrible job which absolutely nobody looks forward to, so if your pool can clean itself, this saves you the task and frees up a large amount of your time.

A good self-cleaning system, such as the Vantage in-floor self-cleaning system from Compass Pools, clears away all debris from your pool and also ensures the even circulation of water throughout the whole pool, so there is nowhere for algae and bacteria to grow, and no uncomfortable cold spots in the pool.

4. Pool lighting and heating

Lighting and heating are essential for getting maximum usage out of your pool and creating a comfortable swimming environment, but they come with their own sets of challenges. For example, if you have to turn the heating on manually, it can take a while before the pool is warm enough to swim in.

With a smart pool system, you can switch on the heating and adjust the temperature from wherever you are, so the pool will be at your ideal heat by the time you return home, letting you jump straight into the pool if you choose.

The lighting can also be set to reflect your mood, or to change through a range of colours, illuminating your pool like a rainbow and creating a calming and atmospheric environment.

Even better, if you forget to turn the lights or the heating off before you leave the house, you can solve this problem with a simple tap on the screen of your phone. The intelligent pool system will then take care of this for you, turning off whatever you have left on, and saving you money on your energy bills in the process.

Why upgrade to a smart pool?

Local Pools Smart swimming pools with intelligent controls and self cleaning

There are numerous reasons to install a smart pool management system. It frees up a lot more of your time as there is no need for cleaning and maintenance, so you get to spend more time enjoying your pool and getting the most from your investment.

It also makes your property a better investment, as it will be worth more. A swimming pool is something that not every prospective buyer will want to take on. If they find out it needs virtually no maintenance, this is a real plus, so it will make them look at your property more favourably and enable you to achieve a higher asking price.

Smart pools are also much kinder to the environment, as they use a lot less energy, and if you accidentally leave the lighting or heating on, you can switch it off from your phone no matter where you are. This lowers your carbon footprint, and also has the added benefit of lowering your energy bills.

Last but not least, intelligent pool technology gives you a pool fit for the future. As our lifestyles change, we need our homes and backyards to adapt too. Technology is now a bigger and more important part of our lives than it ever has been before. Smart systems enable us to use it to make our lives easier and more convenient, so we might as well take advantage of this technology now that it is widely available and affordable. Otherwise we can end up being left behind.

Find out more about smart pools

If you are thinking of purchasing a smart pool, or you are interested in having smart technologies fitted to your existing pool, Local Pools & Spas can help. As an official Compass Pools dealership, we supply and install top quality ceramic core fibreglass pools, which can be equipped with all the very latest technology. The features you choose are entirely up to you, as we can customise your pool to cater for your individual needs, giving you a smart pool which fits in perfectly with your home and lifestyle.

We serve Narellan and the South Sydney suburbs, so if you are based in this area and want to upgrade to a smart pool, please contact us, and our team will be happy to help.

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