The advantages of installing an infinity pool

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Infinity pools are also known as “negative edge”, “disappearing edge” or “infinity edge” pools. They have gained the reputation of being one of the most visually appealing types of swimming pools on the market.

The “disappearing edge” refers to the way the infinity pool is designed, with one edge blending into the surrounding landscape. This makes it look as if the pool is flowing into the landscape. Water that flows over the edge, which is then caught in a holding tank, gives the amazing appearance of water without a boundary. The concept has become very popular in recent years and is found in luxury resorts around the world. Infinity pools can also be used in the home to create an unusual and appealing effect in your pool area.

Installing an infinity pool on sloping ground

An advantage of an infinity pool is that they may be installed on sloping ground to add to the visual illusion of seamless flow. A holding pool is created below the main pool, with the water being pumped back into the main pool. Looking down from above the pool will create the “disappearing edge” effect.

With this unique visual function, installing an infinity pool isn’t as straightforward as installing regular swimming pools. Infinity swimming pools are sometimes installed partially or completely above ground and so will require a special support mechanism to hold them securely. This is particularly necessary in terrain that is uneven. Supporting the structure involves the use of a unique rib-like structure called Maxi Rib, which is developed by Compass Pools Australia. It is this unique method that makes infinity pools possible to install safely on sloping sites.

Checking infinity pool prices

With the added technology necessary, infinity pools have a reputation for being higher priced. However, with the range of options now provided by manufacturers, installing an infinity pool is now financially viable.

Previously, property owners who wished to install a swimming pool on a sloping site would be forced to use concrete as the material. The time taken to install a concrete pool and the extra cost (which can run into tens of thousands more) made this option less attractive. The special rib supports and other new technology developed by Compass Pools now make an infinity pool a financially viable solution for sloping or uneven ground.

The extra cost that the wet edge pools incur can be broken down into three main areas.

  • The construction of the unique edge to the pool. This allows the special effect of water “flowing” into the surrounding landscape.
  • The added cost of the Maxi Rib technology for free-standing pools or constructing the pool shell for normal installation. The second option would include concrete beam retaining work to support the sides and the top of the “disappearing” edge to hold the “flow” of the water.
  • The installation of a holding tank or pool to “hide” the water and then return it to the main pool. The tank is invisible to the viewing eye and is essential to the flow effect.

Installing an infinity pool

As infinity pools are often constructed in hard-to-get-to places, an engineer will need to be engaged to assess the hydraulics of the pool, its ground support and the durability of the supporting mechanism used. As mentioned, an infinity pool is excellent for those difficult places such as sloping ground. However, this still presents a challenge for pool installers.

It is therefore important to select the right company and pool installers who have experience in these unique pools. Being more selective is well worth the effort. The almost magical effect of the “wet edge” pool lends itself beautifully to backyards with a view, enhancing the existing panorama.

Infinity pool prices and installation may be more than, for example, a fibreglass pool, however they are very competitive with the traditional concrete pool used for difficult sites. The stunning effect of the pool seeming to blend into the horizon, whether an ocean view, bushland, city or street view, will amaze friends and guests.

While the latest technology and options have made infinity or “disappearing edge” pools practical in the backyard, the original design isn’t new. The first such pools were believed to have been installed at the Palace Of Versailles in France in around the 1400s as part of the magnificent garden setting. Today these infinity edge pools are used in places such as the Alila Ubud resort in Bali, where the effect is to see the water appear to flow into the surrounding jungle. Another example is the Hotel Grace Santori in Greece, where the pool appears to flow into the surrounding Aegean Sea. The Soho House in Istanbul makes use of the stunning cityscape as its background.

There are stunning examples of infinity pools all over Australia, with many being built in backyards, like this one.

 We are building infinity swimming poolsHere the clients wanted to enhance their spectacular view of the South Gippsland hills and used an infinity pool on sloping ground to create an effect of flowing into the landscape.

According to the builders: “Though there was already the perfect drop in the natural ground, the existing slope had to be cut away to accommodate a purpose-built concrete slab. The pool builder then had to request that Compass build the pool with a 100mm drop in the sloping (along the infinity edge).”

As the pool was freestanding, the installers used the patented Maxi Rib technology, which were filled with concrete for added stability.

It is possible to create a similar effect with your own disappearing edge pool in your backyard, particularly if you have an excellent view for the water to seemingly “flow” into. The possibilities are endless with the latest technology available.

Infinity pools are ideal for places where pools have been difficult (and very expensive) to install. Infinity swimming pools can be tailored to suit every location, and will add grace and beauty to the home as well as increase the value of your property. Other options may be included if so desired, such as an automated self-cleaning system, which will save time and money as well as keeping the pool clean for your family, friends and guests.

Are you interested in an infinity pool to add that something special to your home? To make your entertainment area an unforgettable place and increase the value of your property? Looking to find out more about infinity pool costs and ongoing maintenance? Contact us here for more information. Our friendly team will be glad to help you with any question you may have and make suggestions that will help you choose the infinity pool that will best suit your needs. Local Pools & Spas, that’s everything for your (infinity) pool in the Greater Sydney region!

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